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While Let Them Eat Cake is well-known for wedding cakes and favors, our creative flair drives our designs to the next level.
Each design is unique in it's own way, making a grand statement for every event whether it be for a birthday, bridal shower, christening, corporate event or a small family treat!

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Taylor’s expertise in floral design strings from her deep love of nature & it’s wonders.
Her famous works of natural art are created using top quality fresh flowers that she acquires every week. This ensures every cake is nothing short of looking fresh & magical. 

Catering to all types of occasions, themed or custom cakes are available to order with no limit to the imagination. 
Every request is discussed, drafted and custom created with the exceptional Let Them Eat Cake magical touch to enchant not only the client, but all guests.

New and original to the US, our custom graze cakes have everything to offer and more. With options available such as; cupcakes, cakesciles, macarons, and more added to your cake, your guests will be more than delighted to have a grab & go option that stands as your centerpiece.
Learn more about our graze cakes here.


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