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Delicate Taste

Designed with care, bursting with flavor

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Macaron Flavors

Like our cakes, our macaron's taste is just as superior as its style. Filled with our vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream base or Belgium chocolate ganache base, each flavor is unique, complex and an unforgettable expierence.

Flavors are subject to change on seasonality and availability.

Interested in trying them all? Order one of our macaron tasting boxes today!


Rose Matcha

Our rose matcha macarons are made with a honey buttercream base, ceremonial grade matcha, and infused with a touch of rose essence.



Our limoncello macarons are made with a house-made lemon curd combined with our signature vanilla bean buttercream.


Mint Chocolate

Our mint chocolate macarons are made with a mint white chocolate whipped ganache, peppermint buttercream, and dipped in chocolate and sprinkles

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Cookie Butter

Our cookie butter macarons are made with our signature vanilla bean buttercream, and Biscoff cookie butter topped off with a Biscoff Lotus cookie. 


Strawberry Milkshake

Our strawberry milkshake macaron cannot be beat. Made with strawberry vanilla ganache, strawberry milk powder, and dipped in strawberry chocolate you'll find yourself wanting more

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Honey Lavender

Our Honey Lavender Macarons are made with a honey buttercream base, and a touch of lavender essence.


Cookie Monster

Our cookie monster macarons are so delicious not even the cookie monster himself could resist. Made with house-made oreo buttercream, milk chocolate chip cookie dough, dipped in chocolate and rolled in an oreo and crispy cookie crumble.



Our Pistachio macarons are made with a honey buttercream base, pistachio cream and freshly ground pistachios. 


Fruity Pebbles

Our fruity pebble macarons are made with a cereal-milk buttercream base, crunchy fruity pebble bits, and rolled in crushed fruity pebbles.


Peanutbutter Chocolate

Our peanut butter chocolate macaron is decadently filled with a peanut butter chocolate ganache center, drizzled in dark chocolate.


 Chocolate Caramel Pretzel

Our chocolate-caramel pretzels are made with a house-made caramel whipped ganache, salty pretzel chunks, and dipped in milk chocolate.

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Our Raspberry macaron is fruity and filled with a fresh raspberry filling, and a ruby chocolate raspberry ganache

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