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Things to consider when choosing your cake size:


What event are you planning? This may determine portion size (birthdays generally serve dessert portions & weddings coffee.)

How many guests are you aiming to feed & will other desserts be provided? If you decide to serve your cake as the main dessert, you may need to consider providing larger serves to your guests. Otherwise, smaller portions may suffice if other sweets are offered.

What is the adult > child ratio? Adults and elders tend to eat less cake and/or smaller serves, while younger people eat larger, or multiple serves.

Who will be cutting the cake? Venue’s will almost always have the cake cut for you, providing the perfect size and amount of serves. However, if another is cutting the cake, this may alter serves as efficient cake cutting knowledge & techniques may be unknown. Scroll Below to view our Cake Cutting Guide.

Would you like some cake left over for later? Your cake can be refrigerated for up to 5 days or stored in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Is your cake desired for display purposes, or to devour? Foam cakes are generally not available - we like to give REAL cake to our customers! Taste is just as important to us as design.

How do I cut my cake?

To properly serve the correct portions the best way to cut a cake is straight down into square slices to get the most servings from your cake. Tall cakes are six layers, approximately 8-9 inches tall, while our original cakes are four layers, 5-6 inches tall. When cutting, use a clean, sharp knife and slice straight down. From there you can cut your cake into two to three equal pieces and cut in half again. 


Click here for the PDF guide on How To Cut A Cake

IMG_0432_jpg 2.JPG

*Please note, all serves are approximate and should be used as a guide only. Your cake may give fewer or more portions depending on how your cake is cut.
Our standard cakes generally have 4 layers of sponge, averaging 5" - 6" deep, meaning standard serves can be split for higher guest numbers, serving up to double the amount of portions as 'coffee' slices.

Please get in touch for a custom cake size. All quotes will initially include a recommended cake size with portions included.



"ORIGINAL" - Standard height consisting of 3-4 cake layers.

"TALL" -  Taller (double) height consisting of 6-7 cake layers.


DESSERT PORTION = 1" x 1" x 4" 

DESSERT PORTION = 1" x 1" x 4"   or   1" x 2" x 2"

COFFEE PORTION = 1" x 1" x 2"



HOW MUCH NOTICE DO YOU REQUIRE?  Cakes are booked on a first-in, first-served basis. Therefore, it is best to provide notice & pay a retainer fee to lock in your date as soon as possible, especially for weddings, as we receive inquiries up to 1 year in advance. 
For smaller cakes, we require minimum of 2 weeks' notice as this provides enough time to discuss, confirm quote & finalize brief.

HOW MANY FLAVORS CAN I CHOOSE? You can choose up to 1 flavour per tier. Off-menu flavours are only available for prospect wedding clients.

Yes, we do! These are available to order at any time from here. Minimum 2 weeks' notice is required for preparation & in case of delays.

CAN YOU ACCOMMODATE FOR DIETARY REQUIREMENTS?  Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free & Egg-Free cakes are available to order. However, we do not cater to people with allergies as nuts, dairy, gluten & soy are used in our kitchen.
Our signature American Buttercream is Egg-Free only.

DO YOU ONLY USE AMERICAN BUTTERCREAM? As all our signature cakes are made from scratch, American Buttercream is best paired with our cakes. Ganache is available and sometimes used for the final (outer,) coat of larger tiered wedding cakes to accommodate certain designs & hot weather. 
Swiss/Italian Meringue buttercream is strictly not available.

While this is possible, it is not advised for floral designs as it can be difficult to work with. While some designs can be amended to suit the addition of foam tier/s, Let Them Eat Cake is well-known for our delicious tasting cakes and flavor pairings so we highly recommend opting for the full experience.

HOW SHOULD I TRANSPORT MY CAKE? Cakes are best transported on a flat surface, such as the floor or boot of your vehicle, and air-conditioning must be on at all times. Our 'Cake Care Guide' can be emailed to those worried about transporting their cake which contains more information regarding transporting, storing & serving your cake.

CAN YOU COPY 'THIS' DESIGN?  We like to describe our design style as 'intuitive.' Meaning, we are able to connect with certain elements & flow of design to attain a desired outcome or aesthetic. While inspiration images are welcome & requested to get an idea of a style, idea or theme, we do not directly replicate other cakes for copyright reasons & personal preference. 
If you desire an exact replica that is not within or of our particular style, we would be happy to help & provide suggestions for alternative local cake decorators.

Retainer fees (50% deposit) are non-refundable. 
Credits (minus a 20% admin fee,) are provided at our discretion and may be given should you require postponing your order to a new date before cut-off, 2 weeks prior. A postponement without a secured date will be considered a cancellation.
No refunds or credits will be issued for cancellations made within 2 weeks of required date, and a 20% administration surcharge will be incurred for postponement to a new date.

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102C37BB-CF65-4242-83F3-9967F8A30ADC 2.JPG
49E8DA14-EB06-41CE-9E51-197E05137AC7 4.JPG




Pricing may vary depending on type and seasonal availability

Required information:

  • Type/s

  • Color scheme 

  • Design on cake (e.g. small bunches or floral twist)

  • Pictures for reference

GENERIC: $15.00
Basic acrylic toppers (‘Engaged,' or '21')

Specifically designed & drafted acrylic toppers (‘Taylor's 21st Birthday’)

Required Information:

  • Message

  • Colour (Gold, rose gold, silver, white, black, light timber, or colour.)

  • Design or font preference

  • Picture/s for reference

Please note: Minimum 3 week notice is needed for toppers.

  • Gold/Silver Details (e.g. painted petals and flecks)  

  • Gold/Silver Leaf 

  • Macarons

  • Chocolate Crown/Shards 

  • Ganache Drip (colour optional)  

  • Gold-Painted Drip 

  • Salted Caramel Drip 

  • Confectionary (chocolates, lollies, fruits) 

  • Edible Image 

  • Rice paper Sail

  • Mini Champagne Bottle 

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Delivery/Pickup Info

Location: Nazareth, PA, 18064 (full address provided once order is confirmed.)
- 12 pm to 7pm
- 8am to 10am
- 2pm to 5pm

Please, provide the following details before pick-up:

  •     Name (person/s picking up order)

  •     Phone Number

  •     ETA

Delivery can be organized in advance and is subject to availability. Pricing is based on distance from our kitchen at $1 per mile.
We recommend that delivery be organized for wedding cakes. 

If requesting a delivery quote, please provide the following information:

  •      Address / Venue

  •      ETD (delivery time)

Delivery only available within NJ and PA USA  (postage not available.)

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