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Learn more about Taylor and Channon

About Us

Meet the Dessert Enthusiast and the Brains of the operation!




When I was 12 years old I would make boxed mixed brownies almost everyday until my family politely nudged me to please make something else. And so being 12, and ambitious I sought to make the hardest thing I could possibly imagine and perfect it. Thus my obsession for French Macarons bloomed. Because with one bite I was transported into a French Patisserie, where only the finest ingredients were used, and the rose pink flowers were in bloom, and when I looked up, I would see the most gorgeous ornate ceilings.

At so at 12, a dream was born. To bring a small piece of France and make it my own.


I wasn’t naturally talented at baking. I was terrible actually . For every good batch I have 10 sitting in the trash. For every success I have a hundred failures. But eventually after graduating college with a Pastry arts degree, and applying anywhere and everywhere to anyone willing to teach me the fine arts of cuisine, I spent the start of my career learning every technique, every recipe so I could perfect my craft.  And so with a gentle nudge from my family, and a mission to bring that 12-year olds dream to life, I ventured out on my own. I grew into my own style, and found I also grew an equal love for cakes.


And so Let Them Eat Cake was born.


But do not be fooled. Let Them Eat Cake is more than cake.

We are more than macarons.

With a nod to my personal icon, Marie Antoinette, Let Them Eat Cake is a place where you can indulge yourself as the queen did. To absorb yourself in the finer things. In a world dull and drab we want to transport you with one bite to that French Patisserie I had dreamed about not so long ago.

Because we believe YOU deserve to feel fancy. You deserve to indulge in the finer things.


Everything we make, everything we do is designed so you can allow yourself a moment to be pampered, a moment to treat yourself, a bite of our take on a fun, whimsical interpretation on France.



A loving mother, a dutiful wife, and a creative on her own, Channon has always had the talent and persuasion to bring anything she puts to fruition. Always cheering on her daughter, Channon is the glue that puts the whole operation together, With her hard work ethic, excellent organizational skills, she is the perfect compliment to Taylor. She is the glue that keeps LTEC together. Watching her daughter grow into her skill, and perfect her craft she saw her fierce determination, and immense love for her craft, and decided that the whole world needed a taste of what Let Them Eat Cake had to offer. Fine tuning every detail of the buisness, Channon is the brilliance and the brains behind Let Them Eat Cake,

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