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Our 5" Flower Drip Cake is a true classic in the world of baking. This moist cake is made with premium ingredients and is perfect for any occasion. Our expert bakers hand craft each cake to order, using the finest ingredients and your choice of flavors from our flavor page. Select your colors and customize your cake for a unique treat at any get-together.

. A minimum of 7 days notice is required to ensure we can make your cake just the way you like it. IF AN ORDER IS PLACED WITHOUT MINIMUM 7 DAYS NOTICE GIVEN IT WILL BE CANCELLED AND REFUNDED.


This cake serves 7-8




STEP 1: Add your item/s to your cart and let us know what colors/writing/customizations you would like for you heart cake.STEP 2: At checkout in notes section write a note of the date and time you would like to pickup your cake.

STEP 3: Complete your purchase

STEP 4: After your purchase, keep your digital receipt and display at the register upon your arrival.

STEP 5: Pickup your cake and enjoy!

Please note: All cakes are handmade, therefore each design will vary slightly.

Flower Drip Cake

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Store in the fridge for up to 3 days. Bring to room temperature (for 1-2 hours) before enjoying the cake.

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